Episode #46 – All the things! with Spazz Wesson

Greetings collectors!

We have a mini Reins of Azeroth reunion with this latest episode! Spazz Wesson is special guest co-host this week to talk about what else? Mounts! And pets, and toys and transmogs… all the fun collectables in Battle for Azeroth. There are a LOT of links covered in this episode – we hope you find them useful. In the meantime, you can find Spazz over on twitter @SpazzWesson.



Pro Tip #11: Beware, beware, the rugs beneath your feet…

Episode 45 – Ready for Raiding with Ivy and Josh

Hello current and future raiders!

The first raid for Battle for Azeroth is upon us. Uldir opens September 4th on normal and heroic difficulty, with mythic following a week later. So what better time to brush up on what it takes to be a mythic raider. This week Cinder is joined by mythic prot warrior Josh, and mythic holy priest, Ivy, and together we offer some sage advice for getting in to raiding.

Thank you to the amazing Josh and Ivy for taking time out to chat on the show this week.
You can find Ivy’s twitch at
You can find Josh on twitter @matthews9292 or in the guild Pixel on Frostmourne

Links we talked about on the show:

ProTip# 10: 2 sandwiches, or 48 chicken nuggets!

Episode #44: IT’S SO FLUFFY!! with Moogyver

Hello, fellow Azerothians!

With Neuro off for awhile having a baby and moving house, we needed an extra special guest host to talk about the first week of the new Battle for Azeroth expansion. And who better than the incomparable, Moogyver! In this episode we talk about how we spent our first week in Kul’Tiras and Zandalar, our newest NPC crushes, and why Cinder is crying allll the time.

You can find Moogyver on twitter @Moogyver , and in AIE on Earthen Ring US.

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:

ProTip #9: Cinder isn’t nearly as good at making these up as Neuro is!

Watch the VoD on twitch




Episode #43 : War of Thorns

Greetings Heroes of Horde and Alliance!

We have all been paying close attention to the story Blizzard has started telling for Battle for Azeroth with the War of Thorns. In this episode we discus our War of Thorns experiences as both Horde and Alliance players, and review both the Jaina and Sylvanas Warbringer videos and the Old Soldier cinematic.

This episode also includes the very best ever intro done by Neuro and Cinder in the history of Battletagged with a current viewer rating of 10/10.

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:

Pro Tip #8: Sylvanas still Bae. 







Episode #42 : Pre-Patch

Greetings Blizzard friends.

The 8.0 pre-patch for World of Warcraft has just dropped and a lot of the new and exciting changes coming in Battle for Azeroth have been implemented! Join us as we go through our experiences and discuss the need to knows to survive the pre-patch.

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:

Pro Tip #7: Always blame Neuro for slow posts to the website. “Sorry” 







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