December 2015

Episode #4: Hearthstone

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 4! In this episode Klor helps Neuro and Cinder improve on their Hearthstone gameplay. This episode is full of helpful tips and tricks for those just picking up the game, including a few cautionary experiences from the trio.

Pro Tip #1 Don’t be a Dennis



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Episode #3: Guilds

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 3! In this episode, we offer up some of our hard won tips and advice on getting into PUG groups, joining guilds and running a guild. Pro Tip #1 Don’t be a jerk

Unfortunately due to Skype being silly, the audio quality is not up to our usual standard. We apologise and will get the issue sorted for Episode 4. 


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Episode #2: Valor Cap

Welcome everyone to Episode 2! Join us as we discuss our different approaches to patch 6.2.3 with Valor, Cataclysm Dungeons in Timewalking, Mythic Dungeons and the World of Warcraft 11th Birthday being just a few of the topics. Oh and of course Moose Mount!


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