March 2016

Episode #10 : Overwatch

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Battletagged! This episode is all about Overwatch as Cinder and Neuro were lucky enough to get Beta invites! (poor Klor missed out) Listen in as we go through each part of the game in detail and discuss our favorite characters, maps and experiences!

Pro Tip #1 – ‘Don’t Worry Loves! Cavalry’s Here!’


Below are some of the websites we refer to in the episode.

Offical Overwatch website –

Overwatch subreddit –

Overpwn –

Lastly, check out for a list of Overwatch podcasters

As a bonus here is the original pitch document for Diablo that we talk about in the shows news. –





Episode #9 : Heroes of the Storm

Hello again everyone! In this week’s episode we talk casually about Heroes of the Storm, discussing our favourite heroes and maps, and a few tips and tricks for beginners. 

Pro Tip #1 – We are wrong a lot!

Below are some websites that have great information for getting started in Heroes of the Storm.





Episode #8 : Potatos

Hello Everyone! Episode 8 is ready for your ears. In this episode we’re having a bit of a catch up to see what everyone has been up to during the down time and chatting about some of the things we’re seeing the Legion Alpha.

Pro tip #1 – Don’t raid on a potato!





Episode #7 : Pet Battles

Hello and welcome to Episode 7 with everything you need to know about Pet Battles! Leeta joins us as a special guest to share her wisdom and give us a run through on all things pet battles.

We touch on many different aspects of pet battles in this episode and we refer to many website sources and ad-dons that you could use. Below are the link to these sources:

Pet battle addons:

Pet battle resources:

The link for the “Warcraft Pet Battles” youtube spankyhunter referenced in his email is


To get in touch with Leeta:

Twitter – @LeetaWoW

Podcasts:- Behind the Avatar, CtrlAltWoW, Corpse Run Radio, WoW Challenges & Geektopia





Episode #6 : Lore

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 6! In this episode Klor takes the lead with some awesome lore with Klor. This episodes stories include the life and times of Jaina Proudmore, a woeful worgan tale, and adventures with the Dragon Aspects.

Pro Tip #1  Jaina is a Dreadlord




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