April 2016

Episode #12 : Achieverants

Okay everyone hang on to your headphones, speakers or audio producing devices of strange origins. This weeks episode is all about Achievements and why we love/hate them so much! But beware! Cinder has her ranting pants on and it gets a little out of control! We are also joined this week by our special guest and co-host of the podcast Reins of Azeroth, Spazz.

Pro Tip #1 – Neuro knows nothing about mounts and where to get them.

Pro Tip #2 – Don’t mess with Cinder when ranting pants are equipped. 


Links to topics we discussed in the show:

A bunch of accounts had their Legion Alpha AND Overwatch beta access revoked because of poor behaviour on the forums –

Legacy server Nostalrius closed down after legal action. (see also

Klor’s thoughts:  “Giving players old world servers is like giving a child the puppy they want. It’ll be the greatest thing in the world for a while then interest will decline and the cost will greatly outweigh the benefit.”

Special thanks to Spankyhunter, Professor Moriarty and Ams for their lovely contributions to the show!





Episode #11 : Moving House

Welcome everyone to the next episode of Battletagged! In this episode we talk about the lastest news from all our beloved Blizzard games, as well as the topic of the week Faction and Server Transfers. What you need to know, what you should look out for, and how to best prepare for the changes you have wrought to the the World that is Warcraft.

Pro Tip #1 – Neuro should have followed Cinders checklist. 

Useful links for moving faction/server:



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