May 2016

Episode #14: Lore with Klor – The Old Gods

Greetings friends, stay a while and listen, its another episode of Lore with Klor. This episode focuses on the lore behind the Old Gods, and relates directly and indirectly with Legion content. So if you do not wish for any Legion spoilers I would beware this episode. Saying that we talk about a lot of Blizzard games news and updates, including Dragons the new Overwatch animated short and much more.

Pro Tip #1 – You cant kill an old god, only reduce their health to zero. 






Episode #13: Data-mining

Greetings dear friends and welcome to the next episode of Battletagged! Beware Spoilers abound…sort of…well you will find out…unless you don’t want too…in which case you were warned…I guess? Yes this episode is all about Data-mining, the process of extracting information from game files and other sources to get inside information about games.

Pro Tip #1 – #noflydon’tcry

Links we talked about in the show:

Train Hopper digital comic –

Dragon Slayer digital comic –

LFBlizzon for face value Blizzcon tickets –

Engadget article What is data mining and why is everyone talking about it?







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