June 2016

Episode #16 : In the Beginning

Welcome everyone to Episode 16! Where Cinder, Neuro, Klor and our special guest Navimie, discuss in detail there most memorable ‘noob’ moments from their time playing World of Warcraft. This episode is all about figuring out what we found challenging when we were to World of Warcraft, and then using that information to help new players now.

Special thanks to Navimie for be an amazing guest! You can find Navimie on twitter @NavimieDruid or on her blog at

We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the show by sending in their own ‘noob’ moments. 

Pro Tip #1: If as a hunter you are told to turn Growl off. Simply tell the person to turn their sound down. 

Below (hopefully) are all the links we talked about during the show:

Legion summit links (note – there may be some Legion spoilers at these links – please click wisely!):

Legion dev Q&A –

WoW Beginner Guides:

Warcraft official social media sites:

Official WoW forums that are useful:






Episode #15: Legion Hardware

In this weeks episode Klor and Neuro delve into the computer hardware side of things for World of Warcraft. We go over the new requirements to run Legion and what it means for your PC. We have some helpful tips that could drastically improve your on release experience, with things like loading times, frame rates and more.

Pro Tip #1 – Your PC may now be a potato for Legion, don’t play on potatoes.

Pro Tip #2 – If you can afford too, get at Beast.  


Legion System Requirements –

Gearing up for Legion PVP  –
Blizzcon Competitions






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