July 2016

Episode #18 : A little bit more Illidan

Happy Pre-Patch everyone! Hopefully your addons are not too broken and the patch changes are not too drastic of you to handle! To help with the new content release,what we have dubbed the prepatchocolyps, this episode should provide some helpful tips and suggestions to make this transitional period in World of Warcraft smoother and less stressful. We also discuss legion stuff with the new Developer Q&A and much more.

Pro Tip #1: LUA errors make everyone grumpy.  

Links we talked about:






Episode #17 : Warcraft Movie! + Developer Q&A’s

Hello everyone and welcome to another massive episode of Battletagged! In this episode we discuss the recently released Warcraft Movie as well as all three Developer Q&A’s. The Developer Q&A’s cover 3 main topics for the upcoming Legion expansion, including Professions, Player vs Player and a variety of other topics. If you are saving yourself from spoilers feel free to just listen to the start of the show which centers around the Warcraft Movie.

Pro Tip #1: Movie Khadgar is awesome. Game Khadgar kinda awesome? 

Warcraft Movie Topics and Links

Warcraft is the most successful video game movie of all time, and the first to crack $400 million.

Legion Developer Q&A Links






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