March 2018

Episode #36 : First Live Show!

Well hello again, awesome people of the internet!

As the show title suggests, we did indeed do our first live show on Twitch, yay! Thank you everyone who attended, it really made our night. Special shout out to the wonderful Klorithor for lending us his MS paint skills. See his workmanship below:

Aren’t they perfect?

Make sure to tune in, listen and enjoy our craziness – no show is complete without a superstar audience (that’s you).

Pro Tip #3: MS Paint is underrated. If you’re envious of our new avatars, give Klorithor a shout! He may or may not accept your commission. 






Episode #35 : Mythic+ Plus Soundboard

Hello there, people of the internet! 

In case you were wondering we did a second episode to cermet our glorious return! This episode is centered around Mythic+ but has a lot and I mean A LOT of random tangents.

Come listen as Neuro stuffs up his first intro of the new series and forgets….himself? While trying to work out his perfect soundboard opportunities.

Pro Tip #3 :  Pro Tips are now in numerical order. 





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