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Episode #52 – 6 weeks

Greetings gamers!

Episode #52 brings to you 6 weeks’ worth of content all rolled in to one! We catch up on Neuro and Cinder’s adventures and what happened in Blizz games while we were away.

We also announced that this episode is our last for Battletagged for the foreseeable future. But we are not going away! Neuro and Cinder will be back very soon with something new and exciting- stay tuned!

In the meantime, thankyou to everyone who has written in to the show, sent us tweets and emails or come to hang out with us in Twitch chat. We appreciate each and everyone one of you, and hope you will join us in what we have planned for the future.

Here are some links we talked about during the show:

Pro Tip #101: You are awesome. 

Episode #51 – I want it noooowww!

Greetings Battletagged friends!

This week we put you in charge of Blizzard games and asked:

If you could add anything to a Blizzard game, what would it be, and why?

And wow did you all deliver! We had loads of listener responses, and some really great conversation. We’re pretty chuffed with this episode, and hope you love it, too.

Also, a huge congratulations to RiseAboveIt38 for winning the Cap’n Crackers pet! Thank you again to everyone for entering the competition, and for all of your support over the past 50 episodes. ❤

Here are some links we talked about on the show:

  • Lunar New Year celebrations are starting in Overwatch on January 24 (Jan 25th for Aussies). There are a whole bunch of new skins and intros to help celebrate the Year of the Pig. Have fun!

Pro Tip #16 – Some day, I hope to find the nuggets on a chicken.

Episode #50 – the milestone we almost forgot!


Hello Battletagged friends, new and old.

Welcome to episode 50! Can you believe we made it to 50 episodes? It certainly sneaked up on us. To help celebrate we are doing a little giveaway for a Cap’n Crackers in-game pet for WoW. To be in the running to win, just like and retweet this tweet right here.

Also in this episode we have a chat about what kept us busy over the holiday break, and some of the things we’d like to achieve in 2019.

Here are some links we talked about in the show:

Pro Tip #15: Be the positivity you want to see in the community.

Episode #48 – The one after Blizzcon

Greetings fellow Blizznerds!

Blizzcon has ended for another year, and of course there is a lot to talk about! Controversial or not, Neuro and Cinder have covered it all in this episode.

All of the Blizzcon news from in this episode can be found in the wowhead Blizzcon portal right here –

Pro Tip #13 – Someone needs to make butt-fives a thing 

Episode #47 – Neuro is back for a State of the Game

Hello warriors and farmers of Azeroth!

Neuro is back for episode 47! Join us as we talk through some of the hits and misses in Battle for Azeroth (so far). There is a lot to catch up on, so it’s a slightly longer show than usual, but we hope you enjoy it none the less.

Here are some links we talked about in the show:

Pro Tip #12: Wow is a lifelong friend. It may change, but will always be there for you. 

Episode #46 – All the things! with Spazz Wesson

Greetings collectors!

We have a mini Reins of Azeroth reunion with this latest episode! Spazz Wesson is special guest co-host this week to talk about what else? Mounts! And pets, and toys and transmogs… all the fun collectables in Battle for Azeroth. There are a LOT of links covered in this episode – we hope you find them useful. In the meantime, you can find Spazz over on twitter @SpazzWesson.



Pro Tip #11: Beware, beware, the rugs beneath your feet…

Episode 45 – Ready for Raiding with Ivy and Josh

Hello current and future raiders!

The first raid for Battle for Azeroth is upon us. Uldir opens September 4th on normal and heroic difficulty, with mythic following a week later. So what better time to brush up on what it takes to be a mythic raider. This week Cinder is joined by mythic prot warrior Josh, and mythic holy priest, Ivy, and together we offer some sage advice for getting in to raiding.

Thank you to the amazing Josh and Ivy for taking time out to chat on the show this week.
You can find Ivy’s twitch at
You can find Josh on twitter @matthews9292 or in the guild Pixel on Frostmourne

Links we talked about on the show:

ProTip# 10: 2 sandwiches, or 48 chicken nuggets!

Episode #44: IT’S SO FLUFFY!! with Moogyver

Hello, fellow Azerothians!

With Neuro off for awhile having a baby and moving house, we needed an extra special guest host to talk about the first week of the new Battle for Azeroth expansion. And who better than the incomparable, Moogyver! In this episode we talk about how we spent our first week in Kul’Tiras and Zandalar, our newest NPC crushes, and why Cinder is crying allll the time.

You can find Moogyver on twitter @Moogyver , and in AIE on Earthen Ring US.

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:

ProTip #9: Cinder isn’t nearly as good at making these up as Neuro is!

Watch the VoD on twitch




Episode #43 : War of Thorns

Greetings Heroes of Horde and Alliance!

We have all been paying close attention to the story Blizzard has started telling for Battle for Azeroth with the War of Thorns. In this episode we discus our War of Thorns experiences as both Horde and Alliance players, and review both the Jaina and Sylvanas Warbringer videos and the Old Soldier cinematic.

This episode also includes the very best ever intro done by Neuro and Cinder in the history of Battletagged with a current viewer rating of 10/10.

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:

Pro Tip #8: Sylvanas still Bae. 







Episode #42 : Pre-Patch

Greetings Blizzard friends.

The 8.0 pre-patch for World of Warcraft has just dropped and a lot of the new and exciting changes coming in Battle for Azeroth have been implemented! Join us as we go through our experiences and discuss the need to knows to survive the pre-patch.

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:

Pro Tip #7: Always blame Neuro for slow posts to the website. “Sorry” 







Episode #41 : WHO – Gaming Addiction

Hello, gamers of the internet.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently added fuel to the “games are evil” debate, classifying chronic gaming as a mental disorder. Before taking up our microphones,  we asked what you thought and how you felt; your feedback, opinions and insights were varied, insightful and most of all essential to the making of this episode.

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:

Pro Tip #6 : Balance is everything. Stay well, play well and live well. 

P.S. Don’t forget all future podcasts and recordings will be produced through our live show on







Episode #40 : Choosing a Class

Greetings, WoW denizens.

Join us for a deep-dive into the why’s and what’s of choosing a class – from powerful paladins to masterful mages, we go through the pluses and minuses of your favourite classes (and ours). Not enough? Get the latest details on the release of the new expansion and discover some tasty new Night Elf NPC armor.

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:

Pro Tip #5 : When in doubt, always play Druid. You can’t go wrong with Druid. 

P.S. Don’t forget all future podcasts and recordings will be produced through our live show on







Episode #39 : Between Content

Hello fellow people of the internet!

Another awesome episode of has come and gone. We’re between fresh WoW content releases right now – join us as we discuss what this means for the game, our current tips, and titles we play in the meantime.

Missed out on the live stream? No big. Listen in, leave us your thoughts and let us know what excites you about Battle for Azeroth.

News and Events info:

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:


Pro Tip #6 : Grumpy Cinder is best Cinder.







Episode #38 : New Stuff!

Hello fellow people of the internet!

So for the foreseeable future all our podcast recordings will be produced through our live show on We have found it a fun and easy way to produce and record the show.

This weeks Episode is a mishmash of topics including MDI, more BFA stuff and the Dev Q&A quests and feedback.

Please forgive us if there are any issues with the audio this week, some technical stuff with us learning the ins and outs of twitch.

Here are the links that were mentioned in the show:

Pro Tip #5 : Always keep an eye out for Goblin 17.







Episode #30 : To the Nighthold!

Hello everyone! We are back with our first episode of 2017. And just in time, too, because the Nighthold raid has just been launched. But not before some curly class changes were made in Patch 7.1.5. Unfortunately no Neuro this week, but a soon-to-be-warlock Klor and overly-excitable Cinder have a big chat about the new patch, and Nighthold.

Pro Tip#1 : Don’t ask Klor about his hunter… and have fun in Nighthold!

Links we talk about in the show






Episode #1: Blizzcon

Battletagged Episode 1 is here! Sit down with Neuro, Cinder and Klor as we kick off our casting careers with 90 minutes of pure Blizzcon, Tune in for all the hype, news and insights that had us talking. Class reveals, Legion developments and much, much more!


Download Episode 1

Episode #0: About Battletagged

Battletagged Episode 0  is an introductory episode to the names behind Battletagged. Listen in as Neuro, Cinder and Klor talk a little about themselves and the games they love.

Download Episode 0

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